Manually Adding Podcasts to Windows Phone 8.1

This was a weird problem.  I had manually downloaded a Podcast series on my computer (the entire series was no longer available through their feed) and wanted to move it over to my Windows Phone to listen to. I could do this using the File Explorer – and the transfer worked fine, but I could […]

Extracting Files from the Windows Phone 8.1 Emulator

If you have done any Windows Phone development, you know that the emulator resets each time it closes.  This restores the emulator to its original state, removing any settings and data.  This is a good thing since you have a consistent starting state to develop your app. It can also make developing your app a […]

Where are all the Windows Phone 8 Apps?

I have a confession.  After years of being an iPhone user, I recently switched to the Lumia 920.  I love it.  It happens to fit my phone usage pretty perfectly, so for me it was a no-brainer.  The only downside has been the (well documented) lack of apps in the store.  This hasn’t been too […]