How to Pipeline Arithmetic Operators in F#

I’ve been playing around with F# lately and have been using it to implement the MurmurHash3 algorithm. Once I got the hang of the pipeline and composing functions correctly, it turned out to be pretty straightforward to implement the 32 bit version. They key to my whole implementation was figuring out how to properly pipeline […]

VS2013, TypeScript, and Angular 2

For those who aren’t familiar with Angular, it is an open-source framework for web applications from Google.  Armed with a bit of free time and a new idea for a website, I thought it might be fun to explore the new version of Angular (version 2) written in TypeScript. Getting Started Getting started with Angular […]

WPF Grid: ‘Auto’ vs ‘*’

For some reason every time I use a Grid control in WPF, I get these two settings mixed up.  The difference is subtle but simple, and it has a huge impact on how your content is displayed.  The important thing to remember is that ‘Auto’ will size the row or column based on its content, […]

Opening a StorageFile as System.IO.Stream

This one is easy, but a bit tricky if you are just looking it up online.  When working with a Universal App in Windows, you generally use the new Windows.Storage.StorageFile class.  This works great, except when you need to get a System.IO.Stream instance.  If you do a quick google search, the simple way is to […]

Manually Adding Podcasts to Windows Phone 8.1

This was a weird problem.  I had manually downloaded a Podcast series on my computer (the entire series was no longer available through their feed) and wanted to move it over to my Windows Phone to listen to. I could do this using the File Explorer – and the transfer worked fine, but I could […]