Not All Code Paths Return a Value in TypeScript

I’ve been working on a TypeScript implementation of the Oware variant of Mancala, and ran across an interesting case which is currently NOT a compiler error in TypeScript v1.7: public MakeMove(board: Board): boolean { var pos = this.clickedPosition; this.clickedPosition = null; if (null === pos) { return false; } if ( === pos.player) { if (board.GetStones(pos) […]

Using try! to Unwrap Results from Directory Operations in Rust

I’ve been looking for an excuse to dive deeper into Rust now that it has reached a stable version (v1.0).  With some recent consolidation of some old hard drives, I have need of a fast duplicate file detector.  I thought that was the perfect excuse to play with Rust and see how it performed. The […]