Not All Code Paths Return a Value in TypeScript

I’ve been working on a TypeScript implementation of the Oware variant of Mancala, and ran across an interesting case which is currently NOT a compiler error in TypeScript v1.7: public MakeMove(board: Board): boolean { var pos = this.clickedPosition; this.clickedPosition = null; if (null === pos) { return false; } if ( === pos.player) { if (board.GetStones(pos) […]

Extracting Files from the Windows Phone 8.1 Emulator

If you have done any Windows Phone development, you know that the emulator resets each time it closes.  This restores the emulator to its original state, removing any settings and data.  This is a good thing since you have a consistent starting state to develop your app. It can also make developing your app a […]

Using Unstable Features in Rust v1.0 Stable

TL;DR: It is not possible. Basically Rust has made it so that the stable version of the compiler will not allow you to use APIs marked unstable.  Looking at the documentation and the code it seems like it should be possible using attributes like #!allow(unstable).  Unfortunately, if you stumble across this attribute and try to […]

My WordPress Upgrade Process and Fixing a Blank Website Error

I do all my WordPress upgrades manually.  I still get notifications of new versions, but they are not installed automatically.  This allows me to stage my upgrade, run backups, and generally ensure I can recover if anything happens.  Previous upgrades have always gone without a hitch, so I was not expecting any trouble from this […]

Using try! to Unwrap Results from Directory Operations in Rust

I’ve been looking for an excuse to dive deeper into Rust now that it has reached a stable version (v1.0).  With some recent consolidation of some old hard drives, I have need of a fast duplicate file detector.  I thought that was the perfect excuse to play with Rust and see how it performed. The […]