Moving Files with TortoiseHG

Moving a file with TortoiseHG is simple, if not quite intuitive.  Unfortunately there is no “Move” command, instead you need to use the rename dialog.

First , left click the file you want to move, and select “Rename File…” from the TortoiseHG context menu.  You will see the following dialog:

TortoiseHG Rename Dialog

To move the file, delete the “Destination” text box, then press “Browse” to bring up the file browser.  From there, select the directory you want to move the file to:

TortoiseHG Rename Dialog Setup for Moving Files

You can also just type the directory directly in the destination box.  Press “Rename” and you are done.

If you want to copy a file, follow the same procedure but select the “Copy source -> destination” check box.