TortoiseHG Error "Abort: Path Contains Illegal Component"

Today I attempted to merge some changes into my local directory.  I’ve done this in the past and never encountered an issue, but today instead of merging and asking me to resolve any errors, I got a message stating “abort: path contains illegal component: …” and the merge failed with no options for proceeding or […]

Moving Files with TortoiseHG

Moving a file with TortoiseHG is simple, if not quite intuitive.  Unfortunately there is no “Move” command, instead you need to use the rename dialog. First , left click the file you want to move, and select “Rename File…” from the TortoiseHG context menu.  You will see the following dialog: To move the file, delete […]

Creating a Branch in Mercurial with TortoiseHG

Any project, no matter how small, can be improved by the use of source control.  I have settled on Mercurial (through TortoiseHG) for my source control needs.  I have generally been very happy and have taken frequent advantage of its ability to clone and branch cheaply. Normally, when I wanted to work on a branch, […]