Sending Email on Behalf of Your Users

At HelpEncourage.Me, one of the features is the ability to invite your friends and have them send you helpful advice and encouragement.  This means that sometimes I need to send email on your behalf – usually in the form of invitations to join the website or to become a specific user’s friend. In previous posts, […]

Avoiding the SPAM Folder – DKIM

In my last post, I mentioned that after the public launch of HelpEncourage.Me, many of our emails were being sent to the SPAM folder by the big three (Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail).  The first step I took to resolve this issue was adding an SPF record to authorize mail servers to send email on behalf […]

Avoiding the SPAM folder – SPF Records

At HelpEncourage.Me, I use email for a variety of purposes: invitations, reminders, resetting passwords, etc.  However, I noticed that the emails would often get moved into the SPAM folder by various email providers. Obviously, that is not a good thing, especially since these are transactional emails that are triggered by a direct request from users. […]

Generating a CSS Sprite Image File

One of the common suggestions for improving the speed of your website is to combine all your images into a single image file, or sprite file, and use CSS to display only the specific sprite you want to display. As I start to incorporate a number of icons and other small images into my websites, […]

Dynamic Sitemaps in ASP.NET MVC3 (Part 2)

If you aren’t familiar with the schema for a sitemap yet, take a moment to review the basic tags and their definitions.  After you have refreshed your memory, it should be clear that we can use a simple class to represent possible URLs in a sitemap: /// <summary> /// Holds a single url for the […]