Version of Cargo Shipped with Rust v1.0

I finally had a chance this evening to sit down and play with Rust again – something I have been excited to try since it has finally reached a stable v1.0!  Unfortunately, my upgrade did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.

I could compile files manually using rustc, but if I tried to build the same files using cargo, I would get an unknown error and a recommendation to use the --verbose flag.  When I tried that, I would get the following:

Process didn't exit successfully: 'rustc -v verbose' (status=101) 

Clearly something was wrong with Cargo.  An uninstall and reinstall failed to fix it, so I decided to try to verify my version:

cargo 0.0.1-pre-nightly (603f29d 2014-11-01 19:29:48 +0000)

That did not seem right.  I was running v1.0 of rust built on 2015-05-14, but Cargo was built 6 months earlier?  Clearly I needed to verify the version of Cargo shipped with Rust.

Unfortunately, that information appears to be some kind of secret.  The best I could find was this issue, which seemed to indicate there is no real plan for versioning Cargo.  Looking through that discussion though, it was clear that I was in fact using an old version of cargo instead of the newly installed version.

Once I verified that, I was able to quickly find the old version and nuke it.  So, if anyone else is curious, the correct version of Cargo (included with Rust v1.0) is:

rustc 1.0.0 (a59de37e9 2015-05-13) (built 2015-05-14)
cargo 0.2.0-nightly (efb482d 2015-04-30) (built 2015-04-30)