Using Unstable Features in Rust v1.0 Stable

TL;DR: It is not possible. Basically Rust has made it so that the stable version of the compiler will not allow you to use APIs marked unstable.  Looking at the documentation and the code it seems like it should be possible using attributes like #!allow(unstable).  Unfortunately, if you stumble across this attribute and try to […]

Using try! to Unwrap Results from Directory Operations in Rust

I’ve been looking for an excuse to dive deeper into Rust now that it has reached a stable version (v1.0).  With some recent consolidation of some old hard drives, I have need of a fast duplicate file detector.  I thought that was the perfect excuse to play with Rust and see how it performed. The […]

Version of Cargo Shipped with Rust v1.0

I finally had a chance this evening to sit down and play with Rust again – something I have been excited to try since it has finally reached a stable v1.0!  Unfortunately, my upgrade did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I could compile files manually using rustc, but if I tried to […]

Modifying the contents of an array of Vectors in Rust

Rust  can be very particular when it comes to mutability and references, and it is often not clear what is wrong.  Take this example: let test = { vec![1u,2], vec![3u,4], }; test[0][0] = 5; As you might expect, this fails with an error message about mutability (since variables are immutable by default). error: cannot borrow […]

Sum or Product of an Array in Rust

I’ve been learning Rust (or “rustlang” for Google purposes – don’t even bother searching for “Rust on Windows”)  and it has been more difficult than anticipated because of the shifting foundation of the language.  Much of what you find online is out-of-date and the documentation is not terribly helpful unless you know what you are […]