Modifying the contents of an array of Vectors in Rust

Rust  can be very particular when it comes to mutability and references, and it is often not clear what is wrong.  Take this example: let test = { vec![1u,2], vec![3u,4], }; test[0][0] = 5; As you might expect, this fails with an error message about mutability (since variables are immutable by default). error: cannot borrow […]

Sum or Product of an Array in Rust

I’ve been learning Rust (or “rustlang” for Google purposes – don’t even bother searching for “Rust on Windows”)  and it has been more difficult than anticipated because of the shifting foundation of the language.  Much of what you find online is out-of-date and the documentation is not terribly helpful unless you know what you are […]

Right-Click on Desktop Slow to Load Context Menu

The new desktop computer I bought finally arrived yesterday and I was all excited to break it open and begin playing.  As usual, I installed a completely clean version of the operating system (Windows 8.1) and my entire development environment.  Everything installed smoothly and I was moving along until I noticed a small annoyance. When […]

Default Arguments and Variable Arguments in Typescript

For my money, the Typescript language is a great way to extend JavaScript, while still transpiling into functional (and readable) JavaScript. Case in point – default and variable arguments.  Default arguments assign a default value to a function’s parameters so you do not need to specify every parameter when calling.  In JavaScript, a quick conditional […]

End Referral Spam Today

Due to various big changes in my life, I haven’t had a chance to check in on this website in while.  Imagine my surprise when I sat down to check my traffic and discovered that in the past month I have nearly quadrupled my traffic!  Given that I haven’t updated the site in over two […]